Adventure services

Team Building

Team Building is a philosophy of a job design in which employees are viewed as members of interdependent teams of as individual workers. This n effective tool used to enhance team spirit and motivate employees to perform at their utmost best. We at Onroute Adventures bring that out through our exciting range of activities. The activities are designed and packaged as per the dynamics of the group and the expected results.

Guided Quad Biking

Unlike some operators who can simply offer a few laps on a track, we give you the chance to use the environment up and down hills and through some of the most stunning sceneries ore landscape has to offer. Very simple controls ensure that even if you have never ridden a quad bike before you will quickly get how to use these awesome machines. Your experience starts with full instructions on the safe use of a quad bike, including basic tips while you get to learn how to control the bike on ground level. Then we will be off to tackle the ups and downs of the land guided by your instructor. Then it’s time to head off tackling the ups and downs Rustenburg land has to offer, guided by your instructor. We also specialise in guided quad biking tours allowing tourists to experience what our town has to offer from a heritage and history points of view. The element of interaction with the locals is also brought into the guide. All necessary safety equipment is provided. We usually run no more than 6 quads at a time for an outride to guarantee safety and ensure everyone gets to ride at a safe pace. Minimum age requirement is 10 years old. Children younger than 14 years are required to drive with an adult, at an additional cost per person.


Abseiling means ascending down a face rock using ropes. This extreme adrenalin rush activity is a real team work effort that builds trust. Safety equipment like helmets, harnesses and cables are used. The activity is done under a watchful eye of our trained facilitator at all times to ensure your safety.



We can offer you paintball warfare which is full contact combat style or you can leave on your suit and tie and try your hand at paintball target shooting. Paintball warfare is bout capturing the opposing team’s flag or simply everyman for himself, trying not to get shot! We supply protective clothing, headgear, a gun and limited ammunition for each contestant. Tactical warfare and all the adrenaline that comes with it can be sore and a little bruising but lots of fun and all in good spirits. Target shooting is the other option; this activity can be combined with other team building activities. It is adaptable to any age group, ability, sex or fitness level and most of this is all available outdoors.


Archery is a fun challenging team building event which anyone can master quickly. Instructors will be on hand to show you the basics on how to safely handle the bow and where to aim. Once everyone is confident about the basics the participants can be divided into teams competing against each other. Afterwards an individual shoot out can also be arranged, we provide everything you need to experience archery as an activity. This is a more relaxed, fun activity. Archery can be done competitively and physical or more casual and relaxed and is adaptable to any age group, ability and sex or fitness level.


South Africa bares one of the most beautiful trails. Onroute Adventures will take you to the most amazing trails, through Kgaswana nature reserve, Magaliesburg and Drakensburg Mountains, Old Gold Mine tour in Vredefort Dome, throw out the beautiful trains for hartiees, etc.

River Rafting

A teambuilding exercise is not complete without river rafting. River rafting starts with swimming tests. We use inflatable boats that give you massive rapids and padding experience, but if you don’t want extreme rafting we also offer soft paddling.

Interactive Drumming

The drumming session begins with learning the basics of African drumming and rhythm, we then progress to playing African rhythms and split the group to play different rhythms simultaneously. The emphasis is on working together to make music-synergy and having fun!

Kids Birthday Parties

We do parties that are safe, educational, entertaining but most of all, a birthday that is filled with super crazy fun activities. We cater to all children’s ages.

Airport Shuttle

Guests or tourists are picked up from the airport to their destination and back to the airport after their stay.